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Zinganised Re-bars VS Fusion Bonded Epoxy Rebars

Advantages - Zinganised Re-bars Versus Fusion Bonded Epoxy

Zinganised Re-bars Versus Fusion Bonded Epoxy

Zinga Coated Rebars

Fusion Bonded Epoxy Rebars

There is loss of only 2-3% bond strength due to zinga coating which is negligible.

Lower bond strength to concrete than uncoated steel. Pull out tests indicste a loss of 15 to 17 % bond strength due to epoxy coating

No degradation in coating on long-term exposure to sunlight. Can withstand stress induced due to thermal cyclic variation

Undergoes degradation on long-term exposure to sunlight, requires storage under shelter

ph resistance of 4.5 to 12.5 hence it can resist the alkaline environment inside the concrete.

ph resistance of 5.5 to 9 It cannot resist the high alkaline environment inside the concrete which has a ph of 12.5

Coated rebars can be easily welded without grinding the edges.

Coated rebars cannot be welded without grinding the edges

No special care is required for handling of Zinga coated rebars due to its excellent abrasion and impact resistance. Zinga provides superior cathodic protection hence if the coating is damaged at the cut ends or scratched during handling it will continue to protect those portions due to the cathodic flow of the active zinc presence in the coating.


Require special handling. Since the coating has no cathodic protection, it gets damaged at cut ends or scratched during handling. Corrosion can start and progress unimpeded along the steel under the FBEC as if no protection exists. The full extent of the corrosion will not be visible since it proceeds under the FBEC. Repair of corrosion beneath the FBECR is difficult and expensive. In some structures replacement or repair of rebar may be impossible

Zinga has got excellent resistance to pitting corrosion and there is no delamination due to poor handling during shipping and installation.

Being a barrier type of coating, it facilitates localized pitting corrosion through pinholes. Moreover , corrosion cells are set up in the damaged area of the rebars created through poor handling during shipping and installation, which lead to first delaminating of the epoxy coating then rusting.

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