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  1. Zinga is a Film Galvanzing System, which contains 96% Zinc with 99.99% purity in the Dry Film Thickness. 
  2. Provides Active Cathodic Protection like Hot Dip Galvanzing & Passive barrier coat like paint. 
  3. Ensure corrosion protection for 10-20 years to all types of Structural Steels. 
  4. Zinga can be applied over Hot Dip Galvanized structures for longer protection and can be used for touch-up during welding & fabrication work on HDG structures. 
  5. Zinga is UV protected and can be used Stand Alone system (without any top coat) or Zinga can be used as a Primer in duplex system with any coloured top coat (compatible with all types Epoxy & PU paint systems) 
  6. Zinga to work successfully, we require surface preparation to near white-metal finish, or SA 2.5 roughness, Zinga can be applied by Paint, Brush, Roller or spray Coverage of Zinga (per kg) - 3.6 square meter with 40 micron thickness


Zinga - Film Galvanising System (1kg / 5kg) - 96% Zinc

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